• Manufacturing motivation – How to make a start.
    You will never find motivation.  It will never strike you. It can’t be given to you. You can’t discover it.  It’s something inside of you that you use to drive yourself. You have a certain amount of it with which you can choose to use to do tasks, and with each task you do, you […]
  • My Time is Valuable (part 2) – How to make sure you’re playing.
    For the month of September I am studying Principles by Ray Dalio. Having started reading the book I decided my first principle should be: My time is valuable. (Click here to read my previous post on how I came to this principle.) Of course it’s simple to say my time is valuable. Time is the […]
  • Principle 1: My time is valuable – Finding time for the things that we love.
    Our lives are speeding up as technology advances. While this can be wildly useful, we need to be careful that we are maintaining space for ourselves. In the long run, our time is our only real asset that we have, and it’s important to make sure we use it wisely. I’m starting to do that […]
  • Choosing to be late. – Why our priorities are so important to our growth.
    I’ve recently decided that I’m fine with being late. For years I’ve been that guy that if I’m five minutes or less late, I feel like I’m actually “on time”. At my worst (university), people would give me a meeting time an hour earlier than they were arriving so I’d only be a few minutes […]
  • Find Yourself – How 8 Mile taught me to move past my embarrassment and grow.
    I recently rewatched 8-mile after about 15 years. It was a movie that I used to watch frequently as I had it on VHS (remember those?) but for some reason I never got around to getting it on DVD. As a young hip hop fan, I’d watched it in the cinema, and loved it dearly. […]
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